Color Theory

Learn about color from the point of view of color perception. We develop through interactive lessons a contemporary understanding of color. We help you understand the underlying color logic behind color schemes and how they may be applied in your design. We illustrate through interactive examples how color emotions contained in photographs can be conveyed to color schemes that you may create.


Color spaces

You will learn about RGB, HSV, and Lab Color Spaces, and how they represent color.

Color lingo

You will learn of words that are used to describe and discuss color.

Perceptually uniform color space

You will learn why color is best understood in Lab Color Space.

Readability as color distance

You will understand the relationship between color distance and readability.

Colors in Lab space

You will how colors compositions appear in Lab Space.

Color palettes in Lab space

You will understand how color palettes appear in Lab color space.

Why color wheel is taught but not used

You will understand the deficiency of color wheels and why they are never used in practice.

Color as constellation

You will learn about complementary understanding of color and the color logic behind color schemes.

Color manipulation of images

You will learn how color compositions can be manipulated in Lab Space

Color modification

You will learn how color compositions can be modified.

Color emotions

You will learn how color drives emotions and how color emotions can be applied to your design.

Find the right color

You will learn how to explore color space using Genopal - a generative color software tool.

Create and analyze color schemes

You will learn how to create color schemes while maintaining the desired color logic.

You are now a color expert

You now understand color logic and color schemes.