Lesson 12 : Find the right color

Finding the right color can be difficult. There are millions of colors to choose from. There are also a good thousand color advisers who will give you their personal color preferences. So you are likely to be lost in the sea of color selection. Remember that color choices are subjective personal and context dependent so it’s best for you to make your own judgement – through exploration. Generative color selection technology can help you navigate color space.


What you see are colors generated in color space within Lightness and color ranges that you can adjust. By doing so you can select a cylindrical region of color to search within. Colors are generated randomly within this cylinder and displayed on the right. They are juxtaposed against each other so that you can see the differences between them. Try clicking on any of the colors and you will see that a new set of colors are generated for you to select from.  This generative color selection method powers Genopal. You can also select colors from pictures and words on that site. 


Color selection is best left to your eye – which is a relative instrument. Hence, it is able to judge colors only juxtaposed against other colors. Finally you have make a color decision based on your own exploration. You can narrow down your color selection by starting with a larger region and then reducing the color and lightness range.

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