Lesson 14 : You are now a color expert

Here is a summary of what you have learnt

  • Color is best understood in Lab color space
  • Color Schemes form a constellation in color space
  • The color logic of design work is captured in the form of  a color constellation
  • Particular color distribution in lab color space evoke particular emotive response
  • Such color distribution can be captured from images in a constellational format
  • Such distribution can be applied to a color constellation to change its emotive response
  • The color constellation can be modified to manage readability and the hierarchy of importance
  • You can explore color space using generative methods
  • You can alter the emotive effect of your design by separating out the color logic and applying color regions to it.

You are now a color expert

…with a difference.  You understand not only the science of color perception, but how it applies to design.

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